Are there ghosts or angels?

Atheists don’t know much about this question. They don’t believe in a God who created the earth, nor in spirits and angels.

However, 90% of the world’s population believe in a Creator. In many religions, as well as the Christian religion, there is the idea of an animated heaven and an animated hell, in which countless beings (spirits, angels, souls of the deceased) live together with the Creator and / or his adversary Satan and the earth and with it that Watch people’s lives.

The truth about the spirit

I have recognized the truth and in my blog ENDENER.COM I can point out that although there is a creator, there is neither heaven nor hell in the universe and consequently no spirits to be a company for the creator or his antagonist satan.

So, there is a living spirit, but there is only one living spirit.

How is it possible that this spirit, of which I am reporting here, tolerates chaos on our planet? After all, there were and are hundreds of religions, so that one can doubt the existence of a creator gifted with reason.

I will provide answers to this in my other articles. The question here is whether there are spirits or angels.

My own phase of confusion

I have been personally led and held into the illusion by the ancient Creator for years that there are spirits (not angels) in the spirit. This was the idea that so-called auric fields – designed with a split-off intelligence of the creative spirit – surround people and animals as well as plants.

I couldn’t have imagined that I would actually be able to believe such a thing as I was closer to the truth before. From 2012 to 2014, however, I had daily dialogues with the Creator in which he pretended to be and presented me with the illusion of multiplicity. He spoke in several roles and so I was able – in good faith – to believe in ghosts.

In the spring of 2014, the knot burst and I realized that I had been sneakily lied to and betrayed by the very spirit that made the earth. A god, regardless of religion, was not. He wouldn’t do that.

I saw through the intrigue against me that came into my life from space and confronted the Creator. We agreed that from now on he would be called Satan and I erased him in the course of my therapeutic conversations. So in 2014 his eternal successor “Jesus Christ” was supposed to emerge, who as a new creator is oriented towards the ideals of the Christian religion and also implements them in a modernized way.

Unfortunately, today, in 2021, for a whole 7 years, the spirit was unable to decide, following my therapy, to use the name “Jesus Christ” and to let my therapy reach its goal. But more on that elsewhere.

Your own experience

I know very well that there was a creator of the earth and there is still a living spirit who, by the way, has assured me that “Jesus Christ” will take over in the spirit in the near future.

You may have personally had experiences with spirits and / or angels and are overwhelmed by the power of the experience. I know that and I understand that. Just think about whether it does not seem plausible to you that there is a spirit who lies and deceives the whole world and that in every religion.

His system of religions is at an end, as I shall explain elsewhere. In short, it cannot go on like this on earth, but the religious diversity will certainly not be suitable as a template for an infinite number of planets in the universe. A single, unifying religion is needed here. It is my vision that the neo-Christian religion to be created by me closes this gap and thus becomes the eternal religion of the entire universe.

What do you think? Write it down in the comments below.

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

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