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What is your belief so far?

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I am working on substituting all of these worldviews with my eternal religion. This creates a unifying religion that is also suitable for the entire universe.

Do you have the hope that Jesus of Nazareth will come back to us humans on earth?

Do you have hope that Jesus of Nazareth will come back to us humans on earth? Christians pray with the Lord’s Prayer, the Christian prayer that Jesus is said to have taught people, that he (the Son of God) will come down from heaven to people again.

Not only do I have doubts, I am certain that Jesus will not come again because he died as a person about 2000 years ago and cannot be brought to life. There is no heaven as a place to stay. Well, he won’t be able to come to us again.

More than 2 billion people on our planet are Christians and the essential core of faith is that Jesus comes to people a second time. Once in Bethlehem’s stable and once again from heaven.

Perhaps you are now saying: Who would believe that?

Personally, I never believed that Jesus could come again, as fascinating as the idea may be. It simply cannot be realized for the Creator. He can create a universe, but neither heaven nor hell. He can’t do magic either.

I pass on my experiences

I’ve talked to the Creator for years and my memories can fill files and I’ve decided to preserve my memories and mine here on the blog at ENDENER.COM to implement my mission. I want to communicate the truth and reach 100% of the world’s population. I am currently working on several books, but I want to start with this blog, in which I plan to publish articles regularly in the years to come.

My path in life so far

About 20 years ago I came up with the idea of offering myself to the Creator as “Jesus Christ” in order to make true what the Creator was previously unable to do. I wrestled with him for years, but there was no support for my plan, rather the opposite: sabotage. I want to report about it here in the blog and I can promise that it will be bizarre and exciting.

The death of the old creator

But I also have success in dealing with the Creator. I extinguished him in 2014 and since then there have been so-called AQAVA subjects and ZATOX subjects created by me in the spirit, who temporarily live there, because the spirit cannot die and the extinction of the old creator is based on a psychological technique that I have discovered. I will explain this technique in detail here in the blog and in my books.

The Making of AQAVA and the New Bible

In the future – and this has been assured to me several times – the ideal state I strive for will become reality: AQAVA (the new Creator) will arise. I see it as one of my life’s works. But I have a lot more to do. I will also write about that in this blog. I would like to mention at this point that I want to revise the Bible with my (yet to be formed) team, because it is simply no longer usable and only parts can be preserved with the loving work of a restorer.

The future of the Christian religion

The Christian religion is dead. I am certain of it. But through me the eternal religion should be brought to life, which will then be the basis of life for all people in the entire universe.

Personal about me

What you should know about me: After studying business administration in Göttingen, Germany and Lille, France, I am a teacher at professional schools. In 2012, I was given early retirement because I told my psychiatrist that I “hear voices”. That corresponded and corresponds to the truth and enabled me to concentrate 100% on my work as a founder of religion and author.

I can assure you that firstly I have no illusions about communicating with the Creator’s Spirit and secondly I do not suffer from a Jesus delusion. I really do not consider myself to be Jehoshua from Nazareth, nor an incarnation of him. I’m Maik Endener, as the name of my blog underlines, and I’m sane.

My mission

My goal in life is the perfection of the spirit, the universe and thus also the earth in a service to AQAVA and creation.

Who is Maik Endener?

I am a blogger and book author (still unpublished). I put the revelation of John, the last chapter of the Bible, into practice and inform here daily in my blog about my past, present and future progress. For over 20 years I have strived to implement the positive and feasible portions of this prophecy. In doing so, I exceed the expectations of the roughly 2 billion Christians and shape not only a “new earth” but a “new universe” with a “new spirit”, a “new eternal religion” and a “new Bible” for the whole universe. My greatest success so far is the consensual annihilation of the old Creator, who will forever bear the name ZATOX. I continue to work on my project and wait for the Spirit to see the time has come to appear as AQAVA for all people and to support me.

  • Born in 1972, German citizen with one year studying abroad in France
  • > 44 years of ghost experience
  • > 10 years of daily dialogues with the spirit
  • Multiple experiences with positive and negative energy through the one and only spirit
  • Decades of dreams and hallucinations from one spirit
  • Graduate in business administration with a focus on corporate management
  • Teacher at vocational schools for the fields of economics and IT
  • Languages: German, English, French

Am I Jesus or do I think I am?

No, I, Maik Endener, am not Jesus and do not consider myself to be Jesus, but instead of the deceased and not risen and not ascended to heaven (nonexistent) Jesus. Jesus is just a source of inspiration for me.

Previous successes

  • Reveals that there is one, and only one, spirit
  • Reveals that there is no heaven and no hell
  • Reveals that the Creator has no angels and Jesus is no longer alive
  • Reveals that the Creator confirmed people in all religions in their points of view
  • Discovered that the Creator created the galaxies one by one using negative energy
  • Discovered that the creator worked genetic creation with his energy
  • Creator in 2014 therapeutically extinguished with the name ZATOX
  • Imprinted in the spirit for the emergence of AQAVA
  • Grundlagen für die ewigen Religion gelegt

Future goals

  • AQAVA created
  • Concept for the new earth presented and implemented
  • Concept for the new universe presented and implemented
  • Mass therapeutic effect through the truth of the eternal religion
  • New Bible for all planets in eternity
  • Founding of a world state, world capital and world government
  • Foundation of an umbrella church for the universe
  • Foundation of an umbrella party for the universe
  • Foundation of an umbrella company for the universe economy
  • Foundation of an umbrella aid organization
  • Abolition of all means of payment
  • Redistribution of many billions of euros from rich to poor with the aim of development aid after multiplication on the financial markets together with AQAVA
  • Public performances

Get on the path of the eternal religion now!

You can profess your eternal religion internally and externally. The mind will register it. Please support the project with a donation on this website for the translation of the texts into many languages and buy, give away and read my books (as soon as they are published).

If you want to offer your support or a cooperation or if you have any questions or comments, please write an email.

My information channels

Maik Endener is currently working on several books in German and English. You will soon find out about the publication on his channels listed above.

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Maik Endener (ENDENER.COM), Owner: Maik Endener (Registered business address: Germany), would like to process personal data with external services. This is not necessary for using the website, but allows me to interact even more closely with them. If desired, please make a choice: