Masterplan for the perfect universe.

The spirit of the universe confirmed in 2014, that Maik Endener successfully erased the bad old creator he named ZATOX and is working on therapeutically creating the new perfect creator AQAVA in 2030.

We need the new universal Eternal Religion

All religions of the universe, like the Christian religion, are outdated like the ancient religions of the Greeks, Romans, Incas and Mayas. They will be replaced by the new ETERNAL RELIGION for the whole universe with the new creator AQAVA.

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The four steps of the masterplan.

Everything started small like a seed grain, even the creator ZATOX started from scratch while developing the spirit and the universe. The masterplan of Maik Endener has been growing for more than 20 years now and will never end to grow, because it includes an agenda for all the planets the new creator AQAVA will originate in eternity.

1. Maik Endener takes the initiative

Inspired by the Revelation of John, he lays the foundations for the master plan, in which an infinite number of other people in the universe and in eternity will participate.

2. Employees will be appointed

The budget, which is to be raised by the ultra-rich and the Vatican, is used to found and finance several organizations.

3. AQAVA the Spirit will assist

After its creation, AQAVA, the spirit, will support Maik Endener with advice and action and will provide a billion-dollar budget.

4. Everyone in the universe will participate

100% of humanity will participate in the masterplan on every planet: at work, in voluntary work and partly in private.

The four elements of the masterplan.

In the course of implementing the masterplan, all problems are to be solved in order to prepare the spirit and the universe for the best possible future in eternity.

1. New spirit

The old creator ZATOX has been therapeutically wiped out and the new creator AQAVA will take his place. Read more…

2. New universe

New planets are to be created with the methods of turbo creation and turbo civilization development. Read more…

3. New earth

All problems of the planet should be solved with united forces so that a golden future becomes possible. Read more…

4. New life

All areas of life are transformed, eliminating all bad and adding all good. Read more…

The four organizations for the universe.

As a counterpoint to entrepreneurial initiative, there is an approach of central management of the universe and of each planet. To this end, four umbrella organizations are to be founded that will work like a holding company.

1. Church of the universe

A new organization is founded above the Vatican that unites all of the formerly Christian churches and the currents of the formerly other religions. The structures and buildings are used for encounters of the Eternal religion.

2. Holding of the Universe

The economy in the universe is based on entrepreneurial initiative, but is centrally planned and controlled. The IT-supported resource allocation makes any means of payment superfluous, so that there will be no more banks, no taxes and no more money.

3. Party of the universe

The democratic umbrella party guarantees the unity of all parties that become sub-parties. The scope is universe-wide and there will be a universe council that will communicate through the spirit.

4. NGO of the universe

NGOs that are necessary will belong to an umbrella organization and will communicate via the spirit AQAVA with the NGOs on other planets.

Maik Endener. Masterplan. Eternal Religion.

Maik Endener has got two decades of growing experience
with his masterplan for the universe and his Eternal Religion.